This section deals with some additional benefits currently provided outside the Fund for Fund members.

The benefits covered in this section are:

For legal and tax reasons, the benefits that are described in this section cannot be provided directly by the Political Office-Bearers Pension Fund and are therefore not dealt with in the Fund Rules. Instead, these benefits are mainly provided by means of insurance policies that National Treasury arranges with various insurance companies for the benefit of political office-bearers (members of the Fund).

Parliament and some of the Provincial Legislatures have arranged accident cover for members. We do not have details of these arrangements and so they are not dealt with in this member guide. Similarly, we do not deal with Medical Aid benefits (Parmed) here.


  • The information in this guide does not constitute advice by either the Board of Trustees or its professional advisors. Members are encouraged to seek expert advice from a personal financial advisor before taking decisions regarding their benefits.
  • The Fund will try to ensure that the material in this guide is up to date and accurate, but this cannot be guaranteed at all times